Thursday, September 17, 2009

my first pattern!

Breakfast Sausage

I was making this adorable Little Acorn (from romansock – her patterns are awesome!), when I looked down at what I was doing and realized it was the perfect coloring and shape for a sausage. So instead of finishing the stem for my acorn, I made it a little longer, stuffed it, and cinched one end shut. Presto! A breakfast sausage. If you want to make one for yourself (because fake food is more fun, and has fewer calories) here’s how I did it:

Stuff you need:
Crochet hook US size E
Bulky weight yarn, not very much (I used LB Woolease Chunky in Walnut, but any thicker yarn that makes you think of sausages will do. mmm sausage…)
A little stuffing

How it’s done:
Rnd 1: 8 sc in magic ring
Rnd 2-16: working in continuous rounds (do not join, just keep going) sc in each st around (depending on how tight you crochet, you may need fewer or more rounds, so just go until it looks right)
Finish off, leaving a tail a few inches long.
Stuff tightly and bend a little to make it more realistic. Run yarn tail through stitches on last rnd and pull to close. Weave in end.

It looks a little lonely without an egg or something to keep it company. There are tons of fried egg patterns out there. Find your favorite and make one!
(I personally like my eggs scrambled, but have yet to see a pattern for scrambled eggs out there. Maybe I’ll have to make one up myself? If I find one, or if I make one up, I’ll be sure to post it (either the link or my own pattern) so your sausage doesn't have to be lonely like mine.)
This is my own work. Please don't copy or distribute pattern. You may link to this page, but don't re-post.
Now available to download in pdf here.

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