Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 FO

Finished Objects 2016
in reverse order, with multiples added to original as per usual.
I managed 11 major pieces of clothing for myself, coming just shy of my goal of 12 for the year.

toast blanket w/butter (c)
3 pr pj pants (s)
4 pr fleece armwarmers (s)
Everyday socks (k)
3 giant pompoms
8 Octopus towels (a)
hot water bottle cover (s)
Smitten pillow (e&s)
bee pillowcase (s)
34 pr fleece socks (s)
Lukas sweater (k)
Fall tablecloth (s)
tiny pumpkin pie (k)
tiny turkey (k)
reindeer sweater (k)
Beach House socks (k)
6 Fall pillowcases (s)
ghost lights
candy corn costume
Bat blouse (s)
White Witch snood (c)
White Witch skirt (s)
December stamp pillow (x)
Out of the Oven towel (e)
tiny superhero (k)
Dutch Treat pin cushion (s)
October stamp pillow (x)
September stamp pillow (x)
2 mini mittens (k)
white knit tunic (s)
orange plaid jacket (s)
August stamp pillow (x)
snowman towel (a)
brown&pink floral retro dress (s)
Ninjabun Garden toy (k)
July stamp pillow (x)
JigJag socks (k)
Golden socks (k)
13 tassle necklaces
Whale Jammies for me (s)
10 mermaid keychains
little car pouch (s)
4 Tiny Mermaids (k)
Little Texas baby sweater (k)
Diapees & Wipees case (s)
12+ assorted soaps
12 applique towels
4 Tiny Pirates (k)
Flamingo Pillow (x&s)
Girls Camp Crafts
Koi Pond needlepoint
So Very Deer hat (k)
Beachy bag (c)
Butter Me Up towel (e)
6 small baskets
June stamp pillow (x)
shark time pouch (c)
sapphire baby sweater (k)
May stamp pillow (x)
Better With Butter towel (e)
curtains for friend (s)
2 angel towels (a)
Halloween pincushion (a+s)
Distilled socks (k)
16 starfish washcloths (c)
April stamp pillow (x)
8 tiny bunnies (k)
Owlie Socks (k)
Squares washcloth (k)
Ninja pillowcase (s)
Giant Olive (k)
March stamp pillow (x)
Negative Space mittens (k)
chunky carrot (k)
January stamp pillow (x)
February stamp pillow (x)
Home Sweet Home block
Bully for Chloe (k)
Woodland Marshmallow cowl (k)
15 washcloths (k)
Campside Shawl (k)
picnic ant (k)
t-basket (c)
2 sheep balls (k)
sparkly grey yoga pants (s)

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 finished objects

In reverse order of when they were finished, except where multiples were made later, as per usual for me.

I managed 11 total major pieces of clothing for myself, so that's much better than last year. Two of those items are knitted. I took a longish vacation, traveling to Singapore and South Korea, and that motivated three of those pieces, and a few more minor pieces knitted while traveling.
I had an idea I might be able to finish one more item, on New Years Eve, but instead I watched a movie with friends, and made it the next day. So at least I've given myself a good start to the new year.

I only managed to knit five pairs of socks (six if you count the little sandal socks, which are only about 3 inches long), of which three were given away. I have a couple more pairs on the needles, but I don't think they'll get done anytime soon. I did have one pair that I nearly finished, but realized they were too tight, and had to frog them. They're up next in my knitting queue, and I plan to go up a size rather than change up the needles. I liked the tightness of the knit.

I made two adult-sized afghans, one baby blanket, and at least 18 toys.

"knitting sheep" cropped pj pants (s)
2 pocket knights (k)
artichoke cowl (k)
tiny mermaid (k)
1 full set of pj's (s)
Believe towel (a)
8 pr pajama pants (s)
15 pr fleece socks (s)
3 tiny pirates (k)
tiny Christmas pudding (k)
tiny snowman (k)
tiny rose (k)
"emergency" yarn ornament
tiny sweater & hanger (k)
3 tiny socks (k)
8 sheep balls (k)
2 flame hats (k)
Fall Afghan (c)
Kitchmas Tree (k)
calla lily earrings
4 candy corns (c)
3 tiny eyeballs (k)
eyeball (k)
Hallowig (k)
"Lars" baby blanket (k)
Blanket Blanket (k)
4 party hat hair clips
Neck Kraken scarf (k)
Mama Bear Cave (k)
Golders Green shawlette (k)
4 crown hair clips
Scrumptious Masala sweater (k)
bikinisocken (k)
Thanksgiving pillowcase (s)
Coffee Pod socks (k)
Before and After scarf (k)
Pretty Little Mitts (k)
Oddity Scarf (k)
hot yellow cropped cardi (s)
orange twist top (s)
Aquaphobia socks (k)
purple & blue top (s)
cosmetic bag (s)
fruit basket towel (a)
moose towel (a)
Grandmothers Favorite dishcloth (k)
Aegaea shawl (k)
magnet board
2 pr monster pj pants (s)
Ridged Furrows dishcloth (k)
2 silk pillow covers (s)
Rocky Point dishcloth (k)
eyelet dishcloth (k)
Lily Pad wash cloth (k)
Favorite Scarf (k) (frogged)
Chicken Strips mini quilt (s)
6 bead-filled dome rings
13 more washcloths (k)
textured washcloth (k)
Sweet Nothing scarflette (k)
Singapore Drift shawl (k)
4 flower rings
brown capri pants (s)
Asian Night PJ's (s)
2 blanket squares (k)
3 packing cubes (s)
the green cowl (k) (frogged)
Campfire Socks (k)
8 scrabble tile pendants
Vestigial Wings (k)
3 tiny gnomes (k)
cactus baby cardi (k)
Antler cardigan (k)
Up With Pendleton shawl (k)
2 knit scrubbies
15 Lucky Penny charms (c)
5 dishtowels (k)
Berries socks (k)
2 dishcloths (k)
Sit a Spell pillow (x)
calico critter sweater (k)
2 owlie sleep sacks & hats (k)
Freedom Typography (x)
River(bed) shawl (k)
unfortunate shawl (k)
man-shawl (k)
5 gripper helpers (c)
Ginger Cream socks (k)

k=knit, c=crochet, s=sewn, x=cross stitch, a=applique

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Chicken Strips (forever)

how long should it take to finish a mini-quilt? weeks? months? years?

I just couldn't seem to get that quilting done, until I made myself pick it up, again and again.
Then, it just sat there, needing binding, until one night, after finishing another project, I had a few more minutes of whatever I was binge-watching on Netflix from the sewing room, and I sewed on the binding, ready to hand-stitch the opposite edge when I felt so inspired.

which did, eventually, happen. so, here it is, after way too long in process, the chicken strip mini quilt. Fin.

(what week was that? I have no clue. not that it matters.)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Finished Objects 2014

in reverse order of when I finished them.

a miserable total of 5 items sewn for myself (or maybe 6, if I made myself a pair of pj pants), but add to that one crochet lace top, a few shawls, and a cowl or two, and it doesn't feel quite as bad.

I managed only 9 pairs of socks, from my goal of 12 for the year. unless you count slippers, and then we can call it 11 pair.

Bunny Slippers! (k) (mine!)
Tubby stuffy (k)
squooshy cowl (k)
saturn's rings shawl (k)
Crochet trimmed blanket
22 pr fleece socks (s)
8 pr pajama pants (s)
30 pr mini briefs (c)
eventually wristers (k)
aquaman mitts (k)
electric executive socks (k)
November stamp pillow (x)
bat signal mitts (k)
unraveled scarf (k)
fightin' words mitts (k)
patriotic socks (k)
Lichen cowl (k)
Ginger Cream Sweater (k)
Possessed Printer Mitts (k)
Fox Paw Stole (k)
tiny cupcake (k)
River socks (k)
fall hotpad (s)
random baby sweater (k)
fall apron (s)
2 fall dishtowels (s)
Becktastic Cowl (k)
celestial earrings
4 pr Little Witch earrings
26 velvet acorns (s)
brown/pink/yellow stripe top (s)
2 Zuzu's Petals cowls (k)
seafoam green tunic (s)
tiny mailbox (k)
tiny pirate (k)
tiny owl (k)
tiny frog & lilypad (k)
Knots for Knits mini-shawl (k)
Casual Lace top (c)
8 beaded stitch markers
2 pr earrings
Fallish Mitts (k)
black & mustard knit top (s)
Diglett (c)
Everybody Loves Bacon scarf (c)
2 pieces bacon (c)
Blooming Cowl (k)
Hayfever socks (k)
lobster small (c)
Serious Lace shawlette (k)
Jayne hat (k) for GMGofA
Phila socks (k)
Seconds socks (k)
Honey Stung shawl (k)
Spring Trellis socks (k)
fawn necklace
slouchy hat for Aleks (k)
Blue Spice socks (k)
crochet dumpling
pb&j (c)
knit dumpling
Gingerbread Boy (k)
11 wash cloths (k)
2 snake bracelets (k)
Rustic Slippers (k)
"chocolate" bunny (k)
blue stripe blouse (s)
Wild Blue shawlette (k)
Monkey Boy sleep sack & hat (k)
Brassy Neckerchief (k)
LEPrecon retiree (k)
I Am Not Your Bookmark broom (k)
2 crochet hot pads
I (heart) U cowl (k)
St Paddy's Day scarf (k)
black vest for Twin1 (k)
pale pines shawlette (k)
sugar twist cowl (k)
Audrey's mittens (k)
3 hearts (k)
dress & slippers for squirrel (k)
renfest homespun mitts (k)
camel toes socks (k)
angry little toaster (k)
crochet acetaminophen
knit acetaminophen
owlie sleep sack & hat (k)
clam trio (c)
charcoal knit dress (s)
slouchy hat for Izzi (k)
fiesty scarf (k)
4 little bite-free bed bugs (k)
k=knit, c=crochet, s=sewn, x=cross stitch

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A is for....Acetaminophen!

I know, it's an odd one. But as I looked through my ami patterns, and attempted to start on some of them, I came to realize I really didn't want a knitted toy airplane, or to figure out if this pattern for an anemone would actually work out (the notes within the pattern say it may not be accurate, so...?)

And then, there it was, the perfect thing. Something I'd thought of making before, but hadn't, and something I could see me displaying on a shelf somewhere - giant versions of a little pill that is mostly harmless, but can make your day so much better if/when you need it.

the knit version can be found here
the crochet version here
or, for a comically large version in crochet, I give you the Pill-O

Happy yarn-play!

photo of finished objects added after-the-fact

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

wanna do it again?

I've been ogling some of the ami patterns I've got stashed away in binders, laying loose in various places, and tucked away in project bags with the half-started remnants of projects long abandoned, and I've been thinking that I really want to make some of them.
I was just going to pick up a few, knit/crochet a couple that escaped me when I did my epic Year of Ami.

But then, I thought, maybe it's time to do that again.

Do it as a series on the blog.

Next thing you know, I was pulling things out of binders, thinking alphabetically, and starting to choose my next ami project.

I'm thinking, this year, I'll be smart about it, do the knit ami one week, and the crochet the next (or flip that) instead of doing both in one week, and having to do the alphabet twice, which, frankly, wore me out a bit by the end. (Okay, maybe not. Maybe it was still loads of fun by years-end. But it was a lot of work, and now that I'm more advanced in my knitting skills, and I knit things like socks and sweaters and such, I may not want to spend quite as much time with the toys. Maybe.)

Ground rules:
Patterns will all be free, found on the internet. (Sometimes, I will make up my own. When I do, I'll write them up and post them.)
We'll work through in alphabetical order, but I may, at times, apply artistic license; renaming things when I need to.
I will do one of each, knit and crochet. Each letter of the alphabet will have two weeks.
If I'm not able to finish, I will still start the next item on the appointed day.
This year starts and ends with a Wednesday, so I'm going to go with Wednesday for the launch day each week.
Because I've done this before, I'm going to restrict myself to patterns I haven't yet tried.

I'm open to suggestions! If you're following along, and you have seen a pattern you want to try, or need some help with, let me know, and I'll see if I can work it in.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Finished Objects 2013

Once again, my list of finished objects, in reverse order of when they were completed, with slight variation for those times when I made multiples, which were sometimes completed somewhat later than the original item.

In all, I'd have to say this was a good year, completion-wise. For myself, I made 11 major items of clothing, 5 pairs of hand-knit socks, 7 pieces of neckwear, and one pair of mittens. And one of the pairs of fleece socks were mine, too.
I fell one piece short of my goal of making an average of one major clothing item per month for myself, but I'm okay with that, since I also made many, many things for family and friends.

For the coming year, 2014, I plan to keep to my goal of 12 major items of clothing for myself (those for the rest of my loved ones happen as they will - they always do), and add to this a resolution to finish more projects than I start. Since I've got quite the stash of items cut out, ready to be sewn, and another healthy stash of half-finished yarn-based projects, I think I can make this one work.

Here's to another year of successful creative endeavors!

  • bite-free bed bug (k)
  • Catching flutterby mitts (k)
  • Gingerbread Union Suit (s)
  • pink & orange stocking (s)
  • 2 pr pj's for nephews (s)
  • pj's for little one (s)
  • 3 pr pj pants (s)
  • 2 knit dishcloths
  • 1 crochet dishcloth
  • 12 pr fleece socks (s)
  • Spooky Cables socks (k)
  • mini invaders cozy (k)
  • 2 Teeny-Tiny snowmen (k)
  • Warmity-Warm-Warm Mittens (k)
  • Fleece socks for Twin1 (s)
  • PJ top & pants for Twin1 (s)
  • Tiny Pumpkin Pie (c)
  • Yorick scarf (k)
  • Rock Creek Cowl (k)
  • Punkin Hat (k)
  • Socks for Mom (k)
  • Hood for Heidi (k)
  • Dead Fish Hat for Daniel (k)
  • Wily Fox jacket for Daniel (k)
  • 3 snake friendship bracelets (k)
  • Keeping an Eye(ball) on You (k)
  • Pickled Lightning cowl (k)
  • fairisle boot toppers (k)
  • tiny volcano for John (k)
  • poppycock socks (k)
  • 3pr earrings
  • 12 skully stitch markers
  • little pumpkin (k)
  • 5 candy corn cuties (c)
  • crispy boneyard shawl (k)
  • bee stripe socks for sis (k)
  • Nibble Nibble socks (k)
  • Ren Faire costume (s)
  • warm & cozy sweater (k)
  • rooster pants (s)
  • black/brown/grey knit top (s)
  • white crinkle knit top (s)
  • grey & white striped knit top (s)
  • bearfoot socks (k)
  • cuddle crush cowl (k)
  • Halloween shadow box (p)
  • mobius cowl (k)
  • caramel trim sheer blouse (s)
  • sheer blue knit top (s)
  • Bumble Daisy dog sweater (k)
  • Patriotic summer wreath
  • smaller drinks doily (c)
  • heart & home applique towel (s)
  • 4 packing cubes+ditty bag (s)
  • plain drinks doily (c)
  • super-hero mitts (k)
  • 5 more pence jugs (k)
  • 2 sunshine pence jugs (k)
  • baby love sweater (k)
  • tiny baby booties (k)
  • little daisy pal (c)
  • it's all relative socks (k)
  • li'l bit bat (k)
  • fading stripes baby sweater (k)
  • pale pink baby sweater (k)
  • plushie deathstar (c)
  • baby waves socks (k)
  • sneaker slips socks (k)
  • hot pink eyelet baby socks (k)
  • ici bebe beret (k)
  • Paris is for bebe's sweater (k)
  • dog sweater for Daisy (k)
  • plush-pin (c)
  • baby jays socks (k)
  • Hoodie for Pearl (k)
  • Softly Pale baby sweater (k)
  • paleo baby sweater & hat (k)
  • can't get enough baby sweater (k)
  • yoga legs legwarmers (k)
  • dino diapees & wipees case (s)
  • fair(l)y warm mittens (k)
  • so many babies! baby sweater (k)
  • pj pants for bestie (s)
  • pj pants for twin1 (s)
  • gingerbread & holly applique towel
  • star & holly applique towel
  • Yet Another baby sweater (k)
  • Variations baby sweater (k)
  • Cabbage Envy Scarf (k)
  • 3pr bunny slippers (k)

  • (k)=knit, (c)=crochet, (s)=sewn, (p)=painted