Wednesday, November 18, 2009

slow, but steady

The sewing room is coming together. Finally.

Last night, while organizing and moving furniture in there, it finally dawns on me that this room is larger in BOTH directions. I can put a cutting table down the middle of the room because it's wider. DUH.

I've been trying to hurry, because Thanksgiving is at my house again, but I also want to rid myself of any fabric or other stuff I really won't use, if at all possible. I also want it actually organized, not just fit in wherever it can fit. I'm struggling with that. Stuff went back out to the living room so I could have some room to move things, and I'm starting to worry I really won't manage to fit it all in that room. I need shelves. I need fewer doors and windows. I need to get rid of stuff.

(pictures later, when I get them off the camera...)

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