Thursday, December 31, 2009

Finished Objects 2009

Moving this list from the sidebar into a post, so I can clean up the sidebar. Dated to reflect end of year, nevermind when I moved it. Whatever.

4 pr fleece socks for fam
2 pr pj pants for twins
satin-edge fleece blanket&pillow (gifted)
9 pr crochet slippers (gifted)
8 scrabble tile pendants (2 gifted)
2 cute crochet snails for niece
2 pr flannel pj pants for brother
2 pr Alice's New Moon Mitts (gifted)
2 Bella's La Push hats (given away)
1 pr Bella Gloves (for me!)
1 pr Bella Mittens (gifted)
1 crochet slice of swiss roll
1 failed attempt at an oreo - looks more like a reject round ice cream sandwich, way too big
3 pr knit baby socks (2 gifted)
1 crochet safety cone (so cute!)
3 crochet pieces of popcorn
1 crochet drumstick - looked more realistic after I blushed it
1 i-cord chocolate pretzel
1 knit cupcake
1 crochet curly fry
2 crochet cupcakes (of 12)
1 knit soft-serve ice cream (of 4)
2 knit eyeballs (for me)
8 knit eyeballs (given away)
1 tiny crochet cranberry sauce
1 cute crochet fox
1 crochet octopus (gifted)
1 crochet red chili
1 knit eggplant
1 patriotic "Babe Chick"
4 felt dbl pnt needle holders (3 gifted)
1 crochet Nubby
1 adorable crochet dodo
crochet veggies & dip: dip bowl, brocolli, cauliflour, celery, cherry tomato, green olive, baby carrot, cucumber slice (just one of each, but I'll make more)
1 crochet acorn "purse"
1 crochet sausage, my own pattern
15 (or so) knit strawberries
1 crochet owlette (gifted)
pink brocade vest & bowtie for Twin2, for prom
1 crochet double-scoop cone (of 4)
1 crochet chocolate
1 pr knit socks (for me)
1 knit peach
1 crochet love-bird (it's lonely)
magic loop sock practice pair
4 knit donuts (of 12)
1 crochet cloche (not good on me)
1 dorky monkey ami (gifted)
1 knit garlic
1 crochet dalek (of 2)
1 crochet toad, not quite right
1 knit worm - strangely enticing
Cthulhu, Ninja & Alien from Creepy Cute Crochet

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