Thursday, January 14, 2010

fun with my nephews

Had my adorable nephews over last night to paint some "treasure boxes". I was a little rushed from my work day, not totally prepared when they got there. Still had to set up the card table, chairs, change my clothes, get the cups for rinsing water, etc. But we did that pretty quick, and moved on to the fun part - the painting!
The older boy chose brown for the outside of his box, so it would look like an old rusty chest, but my bottle of brown (I have at least 6 bottles of various reds, but somehow, only one brown?) was a little dried out, and mostly empty. That was some goopy paint, let me tell you. The poor kid also had the larger box, and kept running out of paint. I swear it must have been soaking it up as fast as he could apply it. When I suggested a lighter color for the inside, his brother chose aqua, and he chose red. (I'm thinking, um, that's not lighter, that's sort of dark...but I let him have what he wanted - and it looked mega awesome in the end.) I chose silver for the inside of mine. The younger boy and I worked together on our two boxes while the older painted forever on his own.
In the end, both boys boxes looked amazing, and mine looked, well, boring. Seriously, the younger one had this aqua interior, red exterior, accents of pale yellow, with dots of the yellow on the red, and dots of shimmery blue on the yellow, including one dot that went awry and became a very cute smiley face on the one end, so he purposely put another on the opposite end. And the older boy used shimmery "kings gold" for his accents on his brown box (the bottom didn't get painted, we completely ran out), with dots of black on the gold parts. And it looked so cool with that red interior - very "treasure box". Mine was shimmery blue on the outside, with black accents on the lip.
My twins looked at mine and said, "hmm, well, that's a treasure box". Yup, boring. Adults just aren't as good at this kind of thing, I guess.
(again, sorry about the lack of pictures)
My nephews must be the most awesome anywhere!

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