Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm so young...

At my sisters endowment session (LDS temple ceremony), while mom and I were waiting for her to change, one of the temple workers (who looks to be around my own age, maybe a bit older - but not one of the sweet old ladies you often find there) is chatting with us, and turns to me and says, "so you're what, about a year older?" I couldn't help laughing, and thanked her for the compliment. She can tell she must be way off (my sister is 20 something), by my reaction, but says she can't believe I'm more than a couple years older at the most, and asks how old I am. I tell her I'm 41, and her head snaps to my mom, and she says, "you are NOT old enough to have a 41 year old daughter!"
Mom and I both felt good. I think it's a family trait - we look young.

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