Monday, January 18, 2010


Thinking about doing this, but as it's tax season, not sure I'll have the time. It's not like I'm going to plant myself in front of the TV for the entire Olympics, or even part of it. I'll be at work. But, having the rules set out, and the challenge of finishing an item (they do have a WIP/UFO event) between Feb 12 and Feb 28 could be good for me.
At first, I didn't know about the WIP event, so I was a bit dubious. But, I do have this green cabled cardigan I only pick up now and then, which it would be nice to finish. You know, so I can wear it. Or at least cross it off my list of UFO's and have one less project stuffed behind the knitting chair.
Rule on the UFO is it had to be dormant as of Jan 12. Pretty sure I haven't done more than stick the point protectors back on (they jump off, don't ask me why) since before Thanksgiving. Definitely haven't even looked at it recently. Okay, maybe glanced at it behind the chair when I pulled out the toy bin for my niece last week, but I swear I didn't touch it.
I think I have to add the project to my ravelry account before I can count it, but before I do that, I'll have to dig it out, so I can properly reference the pattern name and the issue of the mag it's in. Taking a picture of it would be a nice idea, too. (and my Bella gloves, so I can add that pic to my project file)
I think it would be good to challenge myself. Get something done.

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