Friday, February 26, 2010

Year of Ami, week 6, F is for...

Earl Lenmeyer the Flask, and Goldfish!The flask is crochet, the fish is knit.

I'm fudging this a bit, with the fish. After all, they are called Goldfish, not just Fish. But these are the ones I like the best of the freebie fish patterns I've seen, and I've been trying to find time to fabricate these ever since.
The flask is just for fun. Why would anyone need a crochet flask? To go with their crochet beaker? Or as part of an entire crochet lab set? (oh, wait, that could be really cool!)

One of the comments on Earl Lenmeyer the Flask suggests doing an entire collection of them, maybe in different sizes, with different colored "solutions" in them. It may be nerdy of me, but I think that sounds awesome. So mine may not be blue. Probably I'll do him in green. Maybe even acid green. Undecided about putting a face on him. I'm not exactly one of those that feels any ami needs a face. My food doesn't have any faces, except my tiny cranberry sauce, because that just looked like a cylinder of cranberry crochet until I put a face on him.

The fish, well, they don't have to be gold. I have some Vanna that's actually called "goldfish", but it's a little more like a pencil eraser than any goldfish I've ever seen. Plus, if you check out the pattern for this Goldfish, she shows you some other pictures, of some made by another gal, and hers are all colors of the rainbow, and she dyed that yarn herself, using Kool-Aid. (Yes, for real, you can permanently dye any animal-fiber yarn with Kool-Aid - there are tutorials everywhere on the web, including this one on knitty. I've heard that Lion Brand Fishermen is a good base yarn, and very economical. I may try it.)

*update* pictures of my own creations inserted after-the-fact

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