Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Incredibly Easy Ice Cream

Super quick, this was. I apologize for not noticing the extra steps of sewing this one together, which we all know I am not a fan of. I mulled over how to do in one piece, at least the main portions, but decided that where crochet is concerned, increases look so much better than decreases. Consequently, it may be worth the 30 little stitches to sew the cone to the ice cream. It's hidden anyway, by the separate little ribbed band, so you don't have to try to make the stitches invisible - just whip stitch it. Make sure you leave a long tail on the cone to use when you sew them together.
With the way the little "cuff" on the cone is, no option but to sew it on after, since it is made like a tiny scarf and then wrapped around. Worth the effort there, too. Leave long tails at the start and finish, so you have plenty to sew with along the top and bottom of the cuff. I needed 30 rows to fit my cone, so don't stress if yours comes up short, or long, after 28. Just carry on until it fits, or rip it back, if that's the case.

The little curly top, which is your starting point, had me questioning the design at first. Why in the world would you crochet it flat just to sew it together? And just for the first 9 rounds? I followed the directions like I should, though, and it worked out fine. Leave a long tail when you start, so you have something to sew it up with and tack the tip down. I didn't sew the first 4-5 rows together, since it seemed a bit of a strain for the edges to meet up; I ran the yarn down a few rows first. Then, instead of running it back up, I ran it through the tip and tacked that down right there. I know how I did it, and I still have a hard time seeing that it's only a flat piece of sc right up at the top. It totally works.
The cone shape could be changed to a flat bottom. Start with 6sc in magic loop (which I did with this, even though it says ch 2, work 6 sc in 2nd ch - you can always change that to be however many sc in magic loop instead), increase around (12), then *sc 1, inc*, repeat around (18), work one round without increasing, in the back loops, and then carry on from there, working rounds 8 thru 18 as written. I'll do one this way, and let you know if it ends up too top heavy or something. That's the only drawback I can see to this modification, but you never know.

We already know I crochet tight when I do toys. Mine is only 6" tall. When I do that other one, with the flat bottom cone, I'll probably add a section, repeat rounds 15 thru 24. Because when I have myself a soft-serve at Jason's Deli, I usually make it have three little ice cream bumps. Don't you?

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