Wednesday, April 7, 2010

krochet kiwi korrections

Maybe not exactly corrections, so much as addendums. But I wanted to do the "k" thing there, see?

Due to the way the body is shaped, the pattern really needs to tell you more exactly where to place the eyes. The front of the body is flat; the back becomes rounded and full. If you happen to put your eyes on where the back is about to begin expanding, it's not going to come out looking right. It will come out looking backward.
You could wait until you've done a few rounds with increases. If you did that, you'd know where the front was and where the back was. I put the eyes between rounds 5 and 6, with 4-6 stitches between (it's hard to tell. I can see 4 stitches clearly between them, but I'm guessing there are stitches at each end of the gap, covered by the eye). I centered them over the end/beginning of the rounds. Could be harder to put the eyes in, with more crochet in the way (I had to get the pliers. But maybe I'm just getting old). So that's basically what I did, after I realized I wasn't sure where the shaping was taking me.
Which brings me to the next possible correction.
You know how crochet stitches sort of move to the right (or towards your working hand) as you go around, right? So if you have lots of rounds with increases, increases placed specifically to be at only one side of the object, the place where you start increasing should change, eventually, right?
On that first round of increases for the butt-bump (let's face it, that's what it is), she says to place markers (PM), which I figured would be referred to at some point. Except they're not. Referred to. They just sit there. What were they for?
The increasing is not twisted too much toward the front until you're just about done. At which point, on the last couple increase rounds, you're almost in the middle of the front. Which I reason might have been the point to placing markers. Logically, you could say to sc until just below (above?) the marker, and start your increases there, no matter how many stitches into the round you are. You'll still need to end your round where you should. So that last increase round could end up with something like 9 sc, inc, and end with inc, 3 sc, instead of having a balanced 6 sc, inc, ending with inc, 6 sc. I know it sounds like it's going to be off-center, but because crocheting in the round results in a slight skew, it would actually put the "flat" portion directly in the center.
I did what it said to do. I didn't try to move my increases over as I went along. But I may need to frog it and try again, because it looks like it's leaning or twisting to one side, sort of.

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