Friday, May 21, 2010

A Hint of Drama

I've been severely chided for my recent behavior with the drama coach. I've been told I'm sabotaging myself, and that, if he did actually ask me out (I still say it's unclear), I'm deluded if I think I'll get that 3rd chance to not be an idiot.


We had a nice little chat when I dropped in the other day for my trees (and carrots!). I was very careful to not be evasive, to share what I was actually thinking about. (This was not easy, because there is this HUGE something hanging over me and the fam right now, which I hesitate to share with anyone outside the family, but it's affecting everything I do, so I shared, a little.) He made sure to mention that someone had decided to host a 2nd cast party (the 1st one was very short, on the night we closed the play, and not all the kids were able to be there), and pointed out the info on his board so I could write it down. We were interrupted by my friend (same one that told me "Cam's single" before I'd even met him). She makes a big point of saying that someone needs to take care of Cam, because he's coming down with something, and she says to me "can you cook?", to which I reply, "I can bake bread." So then, he's enthusiastically praising my bread, which I twice brought in for the cast during rehearsals. I like compliments.
We talk about the new drama coach they've hired for next year (Cam will still do choir, and drama for middle school. He likes teaching middle school, which I think takes a special kind of person.), and then my friend says she's got some natural something in her car that can keep him from getting sick, just as my son comes in the door to hurry me up. Cam goes out to the parking lot with my friend, and I go out to load up my trees, and kids, to head home. The trees didn't fit in my trunk, which required me to put the top down, since we had people to carry home as well. So, when he waved me down in the parking lot, I was feeling all glamorous and cool with my shades, and the top down, etc. (I'd had a productive day, so I was in a pretty good mood, which, you know, generally makes me feel more attractive/worthwhile.)

He wanted to make sure I would be there Saturday. I made a big show of asking my son if he thought we'd be able to go. And then I said, yes, absolutely, we'd be there.

The cast party is not a "date". But, perhaps, it's an opportunity to spend some time together, which could, possibly, lead to somebody asking someone else out. Or not. But, at least, I showed some interest. I didn't avoid him, or put up those huge mental walls I know I sometimes hide behind. (Aren't you proud of me? I am.)

So, maybe, just maybe, there might be something else to blog about besides fiber manipulation. Or teenagers.

(I never did get back to Prom Night, did I? I meant to. I will.)


Liz said...

Yes! You go girl! It's totally obvious he's interested in you! I am glad you are going to the party and I am still waiting to hear what happened the weekend of the prom....

Michelle said...

I AM proud of you. Dish up. :)