Thursday, May 20, 2010

Year of Ami, week 17, Q is for...

"Q" had me in a quandary; a quagmire, even!
I questioned my quest...

I quailed at quiting...

Consequently, I opened my dictionary, (nothing like good old-fashioned ink and paper!) and discovered:
quack, quahog, quadruped (whoa, I could do, like, any four-legged animal?!?), quail, quasar (but, what do they look like?), quart, quasi (that opens up a lot of possibilities!), quatrefoil, quetzal, queen, quiche (mmmm, Bad Baby Pie...), quince, quiver, quixotic, quoits (otherwise known as ring-toss), Quonset, and, of course, quilt (except, quilts belong the fabric world, not the yarn kingdom).

With such a quantity, my quarry could not be far!

Let's see...
Quack: hey! we could do ducks! (or a doctor?)
Quail: nope, no patterns, plus, they look a lot like a kiwi bird, and we just did those. (considered one of the political variety, but, that's not exactly something I want hanging around the house)
Queen: would you believe it? couldn't find even one. (considered doing bees, just calling them "queen bees", but that would be cheating, no?)
Quetzal: cool tropical bird, but again, nada on the pattern front.
How about a Quixotic Quadruped? (Twin1 nixed this idea, but I thought it was clever.)
Quince: just like a pear, right? Except it is tougher-skinned, and generally must be cooked. When cooked, it turns red. Awesome.
Quiche: I would love to have a cute fiber mini-quiche. Plus, I haven't done pie of any variety yet. But I'd prefer a whole one, not a slice.
Quite a few to choose from, don't you think?

In the end, I settled on this very cute Quart of Milk from Knitted Toy Box (Twin1 thought this was a stretch, but I want this little guy in my collection, so I'm making him. So there.)

And I was fortunate to find, from Knotty's Amigurumi, this version of a Quahog, more commonly known as a clam.

(I confess, I came very close to doing slices of cheese, because I could have said they were "quadrangles of queso". Also, they would have been very quick. Win, win, win.)

*pics of my own creations added after-the-fact*


Michelle said...

I love the quart of milk. Can't wait to see your variation. :)

meghan.johnson said...

You should do a quarter pounder! Or perhaps a question mark ?