Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hoodoo? or (dun dun duh!) THE WALKING MAN!

I was going to finish him, like the pattern, but when I got his head sewn on, it was like the restroom door symbol come-to-life, like on those commercials? And, I just didn't have the heart. (get it? because he's supposed to have a heart sewn on him. ha.)

Even better, when I showed him to Twin1, he instantly posed him into the "walking man" - like on the street crossing signs.
Now I've got to make one in green. With a wire skeleton inside. And maybe make a big red hand, too.

UPDATE: forgot to say, about the pattern, in case anyone else was confused, when it says "1 sc in next 2", that translates to "dec". Also, I suggest stuffing the arms and body before the last round of the neck, or you'll have trouble getting stuffing in there. Stuff the head after R5. I stuffed mine with yarn scraps, since I didn't want white stuffing showing through.

Yarn: LB Woolease in Black

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