Monday, June 21, 2010

I like peas

These knit ones are okay, but I like the real kind, fresh from the garden, much better.

It appears that the link to the pattern is broken right now, or maybe it's been removed? Not sure.
*Update* New link here, and fixed on original posts, too.

Anyway, as mentioned previously, one of the rows says purl, but it seemed like the right side of the pea should be smooth, so I knit that row instead. Had to make 5 peas. When you gather up the edge to make it a ball, stuff the other tail of yarn in there, and that will be plenty to fill it - no stuffing needed.

I tried doing the spray starch on the "vine", but it didn't hold for me. Okay, I was lazy about it, and just did plain yarn, I didn't chain, but I thought it would work anyway. Didn't. Whatever.

At least it's done.

(Still working on Pea Babe. That's going to take a while longer. But I suspect it will be much cuter.)

Yarns used: Premier Yarns Serenity Worsted in Green and Jade

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