Tuesday, June 22, 2010

productive weekend

yessir, it was definitely that.

Get this:
I made myself sit down and finally re-do (on a larger size - which meant going out to buy stuff) this cute onesie my SIL and I screwed up way back in October, and I even added bum-ruffles! (not quite exactly the way that tutorial shows, but similar - and the look is the same) I started another one, but decided I didn't have the "right" fabric for this ones' bum-ruffles, so it's only mostly done. (sorry, no pics, finished one is gone to it's new home, new one is going to be a gift, can't reveal.)

Went to a family party, had a great time! (Um, somebody took pictures. I mostly took pictures of my grand-niece, because she is so seriously adorable!)

Then, because I was oh-so-tired of my wardrobe, and because I'd made some good progress on it already, I finished this really cute knit dress for myself.
I generally fail when sewing on knits, especially the slinky slippery kind, which this is. But this fabric and pattern (Butterick 4789) were irresistible. I'd made myself look up my Bernina's suggestions for knit seams and hems, and, what do you know, I'd been doing them wrong! Somewhere, I heard someone say that when you sew knits, you want a longer stitch length than usual, but according to my Bernina manual, you want a shorter stitch length. Stretch while you sew, and use a slight zig-zag, both sources had agreed upon. But the stitch length - I've been doing that wrong for years. Take it from me, the shorter is the way to go. I've also had a bad history with hems on knits, especially the narrow kind. I took it slow, tried it one way, ripped it back, adjusted the tension, (repeat that a couple times), and then, finally, got it right. The dress turned out fabulous! Seriously! I even wore it to church! I might just sew me more stuff from slinky slippery knits. Or any kind of knit.

Baked a batch of Rocky Ledge Bars for my dad for Father's Day. Seriously YUM.

Finished the peas in a pod (lame, oh, so lame), so now I can check that of the list. Not impressed. Just finished.

Put away the last bits of Spring decor, and got out SUMMER! Because now, it's Summer, not Spring.
(Poor Raggedy Ann - she needs new clothes, new hair - she's all sun-bleached!)

Lastly, because I am so very bored with my wardrobe (see above), but also know that I already own too many clothes, I had my son get out all my warm-weather clothes while he was up there in the attic/crawl space getting me the Summer stuff (and putting Spring and other stuff away - thanks Twin1!), and I went through my closets and drawers. I put away cold-weather stuff (it's hard on a gal, having to look at sweaters when it's 90+ outside), let my all-season stuff breath for just a second or two (not really), then hung up tons of warm-weather tops, skirts (my goodness, I have a lot of really cute skirts!), dresses, etc. I even got rid of a couple of things.
Ahem. Literally, two items. I brought two jackets and a skirt to the office, so my co-worker can take them to Turning Point (women's charity in my area), and the skirt somehow ended up back in my bag to home again. I'm hopeless! (The skirt is cute, but not especially cute on me. As I carried it in, I noticed how it didn't look wrinkled, despite the fact that it's been in the super-heated attic smooshed into a vacuum-packed bag for at least 6 months, and I thought, oh, a good travel skirt. Doesn't matter that I don't love how I look in it, or that I don't expect to be going anywhere this summer, I'm going to take it back home, put it on a hanger, and cram it into my already-crowded closet, because it doesn't need to be ironed. Totally hopeless.)

Throughout most of that, I was also doing laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. How do I manage to get so far behind? Or is it just that I have way too many clothes? Yeah, that's probably it.
I'm gonna go purge my wardrobe now. For real, this time. Seriously.

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