Friday, July 2, 2010

have a seat

I have this great patio. It came with the house, and the only thing I've done with it so far is have one of my brothers dig up roots and re-level the bricks. In one place, the roots were too close to the surface, and too close to the tree to just cut off, so we had to leave that. I generally park a table over that spot so nobody trips on it.

This patio is shady, and has a privacy fence at the back of it.
I love this patio.
(Hmm, those umbrellas make it look like it's not naturally shady, even though it is, most of the time. Really. Sorry you can't see the massive tree that shades my whole back yard here. Plus, this picture only captures about 1/3 of the space.)

I am always on the look-out for great furniture for it, which means I have a lot of outdoor furniture. But I also love a bargain, which can translate into a piece of furniture that "needs work".

Yeah, I have a lot of that.

Finally, this week, I managed to make the cushions for one of those pieces.
I'm so excited! Okay, the fabric is nothing exciting (in fact, it's downright boring), but I'm just so proud of myself for finally getting some of them sewn up, zippers and all, instead of wrapping the fabric around the bare foam cushion like I seem to do every time we have a get-together.
I am not going to let the fact that there are several other pieces (ie: couch, love seat, 2 chairs, chaise, bench, the wicker set, etc.) that need cushions take away from my excitement here.


I'm just going to have a seat and relax on the one piece that finally has actual cushions. Even if it does still need paint/stain. (And is desperately in need of some color.) So there.

Oh, and the best part? Now that it has real cushions, instead of one long piece of foam wrapped up in fabric? We can take the cushions away with us to the front yard when it's time for the fireworks.


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Michelle said...

This is HUGE!!! Congrats. I am so impressed. New cushions on the furniture definitely buys you some time to paint them. It looks fabulous!!!!