Thursday, July 1, 2010

late night snack

Last night, as I reached into the cupboard for my non-stick spray, in preparation for making the pound cake for the trifle (for the BBQ Saturday), I saw this half-empty bag of medium pasta shells,

and I was seized with a mostly irrational desire to eat them. NOW. I say irrational, because it was 10pm, the dinner hour long past.
I tried to resist, but as I shut the cupboard, my eyes drifted down to the counter, and came to rest on this very pretty bowl that my sister found for me at DI, which I had just picked up from mom's earlier in the evening.

(I had set it by the sink, so I could wash it before I put it away.)
Suddenly, I HAD to have medium shell pasta, in my very pretty bowl.
So, I did.


I love pasta. I love pretty dishes with platinum trim. And I love when my sister thinks of me like that.

Thanks sis!

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