Tuesday, July 20, 2010

quick getaway

I ran away for a last-minute retreat with my good friend (and somewhat sister) this past weekend. I had a certificate for a free night at Zermatt up in Midway, and since it was about to expire, I thought I'd better get myself up there PDQ.

We stopped at Seasons of Home and Everything In The Barn before checking in. This town closes up early, and we didn't want to miss out. We found some cute stuff, and skipped up to the resort quick so we wouldn't be late for our spa appointments.

The room was lovely
the bathroom was spacious

the view was tranquil (we saw a badger on this hillside - for reals!)
and the weekend was just right.

I had the pedicure, she had a facial. I did a little knitting while I relaxed in the massage chair.

For dinner, we headed over to Heber and got ourselves Train Burgers (Have YOU been hit by a Trainburger lately?) at the Dairy Keen, followed by the best shakes ever (a bit delayed, they lost the shake orders, we had to wait, so we got coupons for $2 off next time - bonus).

Once back in our room, we changed into our bathing suits and headed for the jacuzzi. A relaxing 1/2 hour in there, a few laps in the refreshingly cool outdoor pool, and we were ready to wind it down for the night.

We somehow slept in, missing the chance to have an early morning swim or steam-room session. Ah, well, that's what a getaway is for, right? We got ourselves ready to face the day, packed up our stuff, and checked out just before 11am.

But on the way to the car, we were distracted.

They had this uber-cool chess game set-up out in front.
After stowing our stuff in the car, we raced back over, wishing we had something just like it at home. We soon discovered that the little playhouse where they stored the pieces

also contained checkers! (good thing, as neither of us knows how to play chess, and we were considering just having a game of checkers using chess pieces, which could have looked...odd.)

We quickly set up for a game and made our first couple of moves
I then proceeded to beat the pants off her (I'm playing white)
I did a little victory dance (not really), and then we replaced the chess pieces, ready for the next victims.
They also had an 18 hole mini-golf course nearby, but by that time, we'd had enough of the heat and were ready to get into town, step into something with air conditioning.

A little window-shopping in town (literally, since the shops were closed), then over to Park City, admire the stuff in Whimsy, and head for her place in Fruit Heights. (we picked up Panda for dinner - yum!)

It was nice to extend my break a little, relaxing at her house and talking. We also threw together the pillowcases from Seasons of Home (her kit was for her son). As soon as I was home, I slipped it on my pillow, ready to settle in for a good read before bed.

We had such a great time!

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