Saturday, July 31, 2010


I recently rented Girls Just Want to Have Fun. I can't recall what made me add that to my Netflix queue, but when it came up, I shrugged, figured, why not?
No wonder this isn't an 80's classic. The opening scene is really solid, but the rest of the movie is forgettable.

Except... that...?
Uh...I'm pretty sure that's...
Ah, yes. It is.

He and his partner (not SJP, the one in the matching outfit, second pic - dig her 80's do! Mine was just like that, only brunette, back in the day) make it to the finals of the Dance TV contest (which is the core of this movie), and the announcer says who they are, gives them names, but he's only listed in the mass section titled "dancers" in the credits.
I guess because he doesn't actually ever say anything.
In words, anyway.

His expressions speak volumes:
Look at him, checking out SJP! (and check out the earring!)

Are they exaggerating the height difference here? I had the impression he was kinda on the short side. For a guy, anyway. Sarah Jessica Parker is only 5'3", that would mean he's 5" or so taller, according to this shot, so 5'8"? Yeah, that's still short for a guy. It's just that in this scene, the older guy in the vest says to him "my, you are big, aren't you?"

I'm sure I'm coming late to this party. The movie came out in '85, after all.
It just...made me laugh out loud. There was no-one at home I could share this with, without having to explain it, you know? (If you don't get it, I'm sorry, but I can't explain, except to say I'm flirting with irreverence in posting this.)
So someday, when in a certain place, you hear someone (me) trying to stifle a giggle fit? I most sincerely apologize. This could take me a while to get over.

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