Thursday, July 29, 2010

X marks the oops

I was so pleased with myself as I finished the second half of the X. In fact, it was getting late, I should have been in bed, but I forced myself to finish, because I was so close. So I was feeling pretty good, having worked hard to catch up when I've been so far behind.
Until I put them on top of each other to make sure they matched up okay, decide if one side looked better, etc.
And they didn't match up.
At first I thought, "that'll teach me to make them on different days". Or, "maybe I didn't use an H hook for the first one?" But, no, as I sized up individual "legs", I could see they seemed to be the same. Yet one X was shorter. Somewhere in there.
The first one.
By a lot.
Really a lot.
So I counted rows.
I have no idea what happened, how I missed 4 whole rows, or which rows they were.


That would explain why the second one looks like the "legs" of the X line up:
 and the first one looks...wonky:
Frogged half of it and started over.
Am nearing end of skein, with no desire to buy another just to finish my X.
Not loving this.

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