Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's so tactile

I love playing with this, getting my hands in there, rolling the curves over my fingers. It's not just the fuzzy-fluffy goodness of the Fun Fur, either. It's just a fun shape to explore. Possibly good for meditation. Definitely a good baby toy. (Favorite colors, girlfriends? Cuz you are so getting one for your next baby. Or maybe you'd like to make one yourself? Sooo easy!)

The pattern doesn't really give you step-by-step, just a suggestion of yarns and stitch-patterns. So I looked up a little more info on hyperbolic coral reef-making at The Institute For Figuring. (They host a Crochet Coral Reef  project!)
For a basic model of a hyperbolic plane, the rate of increase should be 1 stitch every 2 stitches. So, for this version, that's what I did.

To get one that looks similar to mine: (worsted weight yarn and a size E hook)
ch 11
starting in 2nd ch from hook, sc back along the chain (10sc) ch 1, turn

even rows: *sc, inc* repeat to last sc, sc in last, ch 1, turn
odd rows:  *inc, sc* repeat to last sc, inc in last, ch 1, turn

repeat these 2 rows as many times as you like, until you have a curvy curly coral.

I did 8 rows total in plain yarn, then one row in Fun Fur held together with the yarn, then the last row just in Fun Fur.
At first, I was all set to make these in shades of white and cream. But then I discovered that coral only looks that way when it's dead. Live coral is all kinds of bright colors. Once I knew that, it didn't matter how pretty it would have looked in all shades of lovely white, I had to pick out some bright colors and fun fluffy stuff.

Yarn: LB Wool-Ease in Fuchsia, Fun Fur in Cotton Candy

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