Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the problem with "x"

I finished both front and back of my "x". And I crocheted around the outside edges of both, to give it a nice finished edge.
I want to crochet more around the edge, figure out some way to put them together, involving more of a block edge than to put them together flat, like they did in the pattern.
I want it to be more like one of those block letters, like the kind you display on your desk, you know?
BUT, there is one really big obstacle to that.
I'm out of yarn. I have just a smidgen left of that entire skein (which, I think, I only used for this project - that's a lot of yarn for just one little "x"). I was reluctant to buy another, just for the few yards I'll need to do the block edges.
A few days ago, I finally decided there was no way around it, I had to buy another skein if I wanted to finish it. I went to Michael's. I looked in the yarn (after trying very hard not to look at all the new Halloween stuff in there - I'm a fool for Halloween), and, wouldn't you know it, they don't have any in that color. Lots of other colors. Lots. But not even an empty spot for the color I used for my "x".
I'm not being lazy with this one, folks. I would finish it if I could. There just isn't any yarn left.

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