Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gnome-ish goodness

These little guys were so quick! I love that kind of project. So fast, and so cute, too.
For both of them, I chose to continue at the bottom with decreases, instead of making a separate bottom to sew on. For some reason, this was easier with the knit than the crochet, as far as figuring out the spacing of the decreases. Basically, you follow the rounds backwards, and do decreases instead of increases. Somehow, I kept messing up on the crochet version. But, in the end, I got it. Still not sure what my problem was...
I'm sure you're familiar with my hatred of seaming this stuff. I knitted in the round as well (I started with 3 stitches, did one row as i-cord, increased to 6, then worked as written, except in the round, so all are knit stitches). I try to follow patterns as given, but in this case, I couldn't take it - I just couldn't make myself sew a seam where I could avoid it.

I used scraps of fake fur for beards. When I got into my fur, I was hoping for a pure white fluffy sort of fake fur, but this creamy, curly, rougher fur was on top, and, I decided, I liked it.
I cut the crochet one as given (she suggests felt and provides a pattern for the beard) and then cut the knit one free-hand, since he was much smaller. Similar shapes, though. I only sewed them along the top curved edge; I left the bottom edge loose.

You'd never know it to look at them, but the stitch count, and number of rounds, is exactly the same for both of them. The knit version is made with a needle only .25mm smaller, so gauge can only account for part of that. It's just the way it is, I guess. The crochet rounds are just that much taller, even though the yarn is the same.

I like how the knit version looks like a little raindrop, albeit a colorful one.
When I started the crochet version Thursday at Fab Fibers, one of the gals said, "What is that? A patriotic candy corn?" Yeah, I can see how she'd think that.
especially before their beards were sewn on.

Yarns: Vanna in Scarlet, Beige & Colonial Blue.
Both have little nylon bags of pellets in the bottom to help them stay upright.

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