Saturday, September 25, 2010

Itsy Glitsy Spider

Isn't she adorable? I want at least 3 of these, in different colors. With different eyes, maybe.

Pattern was so very easy to do.
Except for sticking the pipe cleaners in the legs. That was hard.

I had to get out my Turn-It-All tool
(love that thing - couldn't do bias tubing, or straps, or little arms and legs without it), and force the smallest tube into the i-cord, which wasn't so easy, either. But it worked.

Here's how, in case you're having the same trouble:

locate your bound-off end of the i-cord
work the tube into the end 
and all the way through (this may take some time - but it can be done) 
insert the pipe cleaner into the tube 
and pull the tube out the other end
 make sure to hold onto the pipe cleaner so it doesn't get pulled out, too
 fold over one end and tuck it into the i-cord 
flip around, figure out how long you need it, and scrunch the i-cord away from the end while you cut and fold it over 
tuck in pipe cleaner, and weave in yarn ends
 and you're done!

Yarns: Moda Dea Gleam in Amethyst and Blue Topaz

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