Friday, September 10, 2010

sew many projects...

In my efforts to find the patterns to match my SSS* collection of clothes, I had to dig into not only the pattern boxes (of which there are many),
but also the WIP** boxes (close second).
I have these ideas, see, and then I find that just-right fabric (or sometimes, I have cool fabric, and then I find that just-right pattern), and I cut out all the pieces. And then real life barges in, and my little "kit" (I love kits!) has to be set aside for another day. Or another week, month, or year. (During which time, things go out of style, the kids grow, or I wake up one day and wonder what the heck I was thinking...)

I wish it were not so.

In searching the pattern boxes, I only pulled out a couple of patterns I thought ought to be moved up on the to-do list. In searching the WIP collection, oh, dear. So many projects! I pulled out 4 that I thought I might want right away, and then I made myself STOP.

I am concerned.

If you don't see me out and about, if my yard looks unkempt, and my children look hungry, I might just be in the sewing room.

*self-stitched-September  **work in progress

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