Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time for Spooks (Sporks?)

It's been a weird month for me. For some reason, I've found myself with only odd pockets of free time, nothing quite long enough to even get all the boxes of Halloween decor from the attic. Pretty sure I have about as many boxes of Halloween as I do Christmas. Maybe even more.

Friday night, I finally just had to do it. I mean, the month is just about over, so really, I had no choice.
I got up in there, and handed box after box of Halloween goodies down to Twin1 (my usual attic helper). I've gotten through most of them.

Looks like I can wear a Halloween T every day for the rest of the month with no repeats.
Is that wrong?

I only have 3 pairs of Halloween socks, though, so maybe that evens things out.
(look: orange pants!)

We're doing the front yard in spiders.
Just spiders.
Some of them are just too oogie to look at. I realize I bought these things, but I still had a hard time putting some of them up. Those blue and black furry ones out on the arbor are just...well, I had to take a break after that. So if those ones get ruined in the rain? I won't be heartbroken. I may need someone else to throw them out for me, but I think I'll be fine with letting them go.

(Ghost Boy will have to stay shut away in his locker this year.)

Inside, I'm going for an old-fashioned, b&w, classic sort of look.
(Is that winged zebra looking at me? I think it's looking at me.
It's kinda creepy.)

The super-colorful stuff will have to go back in the attic.

Been thinning out stuff I just don't seem to like anymore, so I'll have a box of Halloween decor going spare. It's cute stuff, but I've just got so much, something has to go.
I have a hard time letting stuff go, especially if I made it, or the kids made it. Keep the stuff the Twins made, absolutely.

That little pumpkin I crocheted back in early College?
Not so attached.

Now, that bat wreath, that's just so cute, still.
Or at least, the bat is. The main wreath fabric is so...80's. Maybe that'll have to get re-made. I think I'd like it again if it was black & white polka dots. If I can just find time to...no, never mind. It'll have to wait for next year.

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