Friday, November 5, 2010

Half a Socktopus

I'm working on the Socktopus, but it's a bit slow*. Not because knitting those legs takes forever, but, choosing the "socks" takes a little time. It's hard, really. So many options and ideas...

What's your favorite so far? I really liked the red & white striped, but then I liked the next stripey one (done with a variegated yarn, so that's self-striped), and then, I did the "legwarmer", and it's all soft and fuzzy. Next, I did the athletic sock, and I really really really like that one, too.

I'm tempted to start all the rest of legs, get them to the sock-starting point, and then go back and finish up the base of the body, so I can stuff it and give it a personality. And then I'd finish the other 4 legs.


*The fact that I worked on my own legwarmers last night at Fab Fibers has absolutely nothing to do with how little I've gotten done on the Socktopus. Nothing at all.


Eddie said...

I love the socktopus. My favorite sock so far is the athletic one. What a fun idea. Who is it for? Or do you not want to reveal that?
Thanks for sharing!


bookette said...

well, it's not really "for" anyone...I just like making stuff. possibly it will end up getting gifted, in the end, but right now, not headed that direction