Monday, December 20, 2010

New Faucet

Isn't it pretty?

Just look at the old, ugly, leaky, cheap faucet that used to be there:
Two of my brothers came over Saturday and removed the old one, installed and endlessly tweaked the new one, and also replaced a leaking outdoor spigot.
Something like this always looks like it'd be a pretty simple job, but in an older home, you never know. I'd been told my "centers" were just barely off, so I knew it was going to require some work to get it to fit right. What I didn't know, is that my centers are actually right on, they just aren't level. You get the faucet on there, and you're thinking, "gosh, that was easy", and then you step back, and your head tilts to one side, and you realize that the faucet tilts to one side, and that's when the fun begins. Once you finally get it level, and turn on the water, that's when you find out that not everything was tightened quite right. Tightening the various places puts it out of level, so you start in with all of that again, and it seems like it could do on forever. I honestly don't know what I'd do without my family sometimes!
All in all, I wouldn't give up my wall-mount faucet for anything. It might be a pain to replace, but hopefully, since I bought a Chicago brand (commercial grade) faucet, we won't need to replace it again, ever.

Once I get used to the fact that it now turns off the correct way, maybe I won't get totally soaked every time I do the dishes. I was always forgetting, even 20+ years later, that I turned the old faucet handles inwards to turn it off, and thus soaked myself by turning it full-blast instead of off, countless times. Now that it turns off the correct way, or, at least, the same way as 99% of all other faucets I've encountered, for some reason I can't get the wrong way out of my head now, and I spent the weekend splashing water everywhere and soaking my shirt.

But look! Pretty faucet! Thanks again, my brothers. You guys are the best!

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