Monday, December 6, 2010


Years ago, I ran across this craft project* using an old bed spring, just weeks after one of my friends hauled an old box spring to the dump. Ever since, I've been keeping an eye out for an old (broken) box spring so I could yank the springs out of it.
Thursday night, as I was dropping off one of my knitting friends, there it was, with the fabric already ripped off and some of the boards broken, leaving the springs all exposed to the elements. Yippee!
She went in to her apartment to see if she had wire cutters, and I rummaged in my car, hoping for a leather-man or some other tool. All I had was some bent-nose jewelry pliers, but went over to see if could just muscle them off somehow.
Turns out, they're held onto the wire frame by these tricky little twists of wire, which weren't too difficult to bend out of the way with my wimpy jewelry pliers.
I took home 13 of these beauties. If it hadn't been cold and dark, I would have liberated them all.
I may have to go back.

*scroll down on the linked page - there's a mummy, and a heart


archncrafts said...

I really love those little "nodders." You know, if you paint the spring green -- or even wrap it in green yarn or thread or something -- and throw a little stuffed star on the top, you'd have a Christmas tree nodder.

bookette said...

I just went back last night to get more of them, so I now have...a lot.
I love this idea - I'm gonna bust out the green spray paint as soon as I get home tonight!