Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kitschmas Tree progress

So, I wanted to put you in the know about where this project is at the moment, but I hesitated, because I really want the impact of the visual when it's done. Seriously, took me a bit to realize decide that I could post something without actually revealing the fluffiness. Sometimes I wonder where my brain went, you know?

I had a few hiccups at the start: not finding my Olive Fun Fur, having to choose another furry yarn, not finding my size 10 dbl pnts (I'd pulled them out of their little box and put them in my knitting bag right after deciding I was going to do this tree...so they were right there, all the time), and then feeling like I should do some other stuff that's maybe more pressing instead of what might turn out to be a really large fluffy conical tree-like...pillow.

I persevered, just long enough, and then, the tree sorta took over.

At some point Friday evening, I realized I would need to hold back enough of the Homespun to make the base if I didn't want to have to get more Homespun, which I didn't. Yet I kept knitting, all the while eyeing the dwindling skein and wondering if I'd leave enough.

I kept telling myself to stop, but I couldn't. (It's so cute and fluffy!)

I finally pushed the fluffy tree away from me and pulled out my crochet hook to start the base, using the other end of the skein. That way, I didn't have to cut anything. So, you know, nothing was permanent. Yet.

I didn't get as far as I'd hoped.
I have a lot of tinking to do now.


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