Monday, February 14, 2011

All My Chickens, Week 3, Quilt Block Pincushion

Specifically, a log cabin quilt block pincushion. In the shape of a chicken, or there'd be no point to it.
Working within a President's Day holiday sort of theme, a log cabin block seems appropriate.

Plus, this is just one of the coolest useful chickens around.

(be sure you click through to the "patterns & illustrations" page, or you might get lost)

back view
To make the log cabin block as shown, start with a red 1" square, use 1" strips of whatever fabric you've got handy, and sew with 1/4" seams. This will result in each section/strip 1/2" finished width, so when the block is done, it will measure 4" square. For more on log cabin block construction, go here.
Or, just use whatever you have, if you already have some orphan blocks. The chicken details can easily be adjusted for size, but it's not actually necessary if the blocks are within an inch or two of 4". Just use your best judgement - if the beak and comb look comically small or large (and not in a good way) size the pattern on a copy machine, or just free-hand it. (Or, do something else entirely.)

I defy you to not have an entire flock of these cuties by the end of the week. Log Cabin block or plain, they're addicting.

*pics of my own creation added after-the-fact*

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