Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I bought this adorable red print fabric a few weeks back.
Four yards, so there's plenty to work with, enough for a dress, even. Trouble is, I've really got no idea what I want it to become.
I just know I like it.

I love the big flowers, with their polka-dot centers.

But can I really wear this? Top and bottom? Top only? Maybe something with white accents?

It's a summer-weight cotton, so I'm thinking something simple. With this large print, (flowers are about 2" across) I don't want a lot of small bits and pieces, either.

What about pants? I used to like making and wearing big floral prints as pants. This might look good in clam-digger style. Or that might be way too much. And you're sort of limited on where you can wear red pants with huge black and white flowers on them. Not very work-worthy or sophisticated.

A simple blouse, though, with a white collar, I could see that at work. Something like this, maybe?

Or a dress like this one, with the jacket in white or black.

What would you do?

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TeneraDaz said...

when i saw it i immediately thought of a cute '50s style dress, maybe with white piping ...