Saturday, March 26, 2011

MMM Week 4

Sunday, Mar 20, wearing my pieced black skirt made from fake-suede patchwork-look fabric. (B3972) I cut this one out and sewed it up within a couple of days, back in the late 90's. It's easy-care, no-iron, and therefore gets worn quite a lot in the cooler months. I sometimes wish I'd done the asymmetrical hemline.

Monday, Mar 21, wearing my Grace Kelly skirt. (M7148) Made from cotton flannel, I have to iron it every time, which takes about 20 min, so it doesn't get worn quite as much, though I have to admit I love it more than most. (I kept meaning to try and get another shot of this, at a more flattering angle. I swear I usually look more graceful in this, but I suppose I could be wrong.)

Tuesday, Mar 22, in my lacy poncho (B396)and embellished skirt (S5198). I didn't do any of the embellishing here, that's the way the fabric was made, and I took full advantage of it. I love this skirt, even if it does need a quick going over with the iron. I don't wear the poncho much - it just seems over-the-top for everyday. But I do like it. Both patterns long-time out-of-print, and I'm not finding any online to link to, either.

Wednesday, Mar 23, sporting my ill-fated ex-husband sweater.

You've heard of the boyfriend sweater curse, no? Basically, knitting anything this substantial is likely to torpedo the relationship - it's too much, or something. In any case, my 1st husband requested this knit, went with me to buy the yarn (a lovely wool - which I somehow overestimated and now have enough left over to make another sweater), and somehow or other I wasn't done knitting by the time he decided he wanted a life without me. I put it away for a while, then picked it back up and finished it just before I married my 2nd. I did invisible seaming on the side and sleeve seams, which took forever and required a calm, rational me. It clearly wasn't his favorite piece of clothing. When he left, he didn't take the sweater. I even tried to give it to him later, to no avail. I haven't worn it much myself. I mended it a while back - either it snagged on something, or was eaten, I've never discovered which - and intended to send it to the cleaners just in case. It never went, though it did have a hiatus in the freezer. The sleeves are too long, and a bit roomy for me, but the rest fits well.
I felt it needed a little something up at the neck, so I added this super-simple hemmed remnant of a scarf.
Wish I could claim the pants. I need more me-made pants.

Thursday, Mar 24, in my Basic Black Dress. Everyone should have one. This one was made from S7586, 90's vintage, out of the same fabric used for my black jumpsuit. Never needs an iron, so this gets worn quite a bit. I wanted a little color today, so I added this non-me-made scarf.

Friday, Mar 25, getting desperate not to repeat anything, but running out of me-made pieces. I'm wearing my much-worn white knit top, made about 18 years ago (S9610, c1990's) out of what proved to be a very nice quality knit fabric - hard to find!
Also shown is a sash/scarf/belt made from B4462, c2005. I love this sash pattern, and have made several, most of which have gone away as gifts. I've cut out pants from this pattern, too, but they're still in process. Umbrella from Target.

Saturday, Mar 26. Showing off some me-made socks and my fringed sweater, which debuted during SSS.
I can't seem to get right with the weather. Seems every time this week I've decided on wearing a sweater, it's warm and spring-like, which convinces me to pick something cooler for the next day, which then turns out stormy.
Jeans: Liz Claiborne
Undershirt: Shade
Shoes: Arizona Jean Co via DI

(psst...I finished up a couple new me-mades, so next week, I'll be debuting a new outfit!)

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