Saturday, May 14, 2011

Close Encounter with Nature

Yesterday, while working late at the office, I heard a bit of a ruckus outside my window, and turned to see a young beaver clamber down the rock walls of the window well, thus startling the two young birds who had been hiding there all day.* He paused to nibble a bit of dandelion green, at which point I turned to find the camera. When I turned back, I thought he'd gone, but then found him right up against the window. Unfortunately, this is when he also saw me looking out at him, and took off for the rock wall, to find a place to hide. None of the crevices seemed quite big enough to hold him, and there was a moment of indecision on the part of the beaver when I could have gotten a nice shot, had the stupid blinds not been in the way.
He raced the rest of the way up the wall and away to...who knows where. To my knowledge there aren't any significant bodies of water near my office, so he must have been a ways from home.

An odd little moment, to say the least.

*In retrospect, I should have had the camera out, and the blinds up, when I first saw these young birds and their momma. Twice I saw her come back and feed them, and both times, it was a totally adorable little grouping. Perhaps these birds were a hint that I might want the camera handy for later. Duh.

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