Tuesday, July 12, 2011

recently completed

I've sort of been in a bit of a funk where sewing and crafting is concerned, (did you notice?) and I'm trying everything I can to pull myself out of it.

Saturday, Jul 2, between dinner and fireworks, I rebuilt my scarecrow:
something's not-quite-right with his head here...
He'd been whacked pretty good a few months back and had his backbone (dowel) broken. I had no choice but to totally rebuild, and it was obvious to anyone that his clothes were totally falling to bits. (The coveralls were the same pair he started with, a decade or so ago, but he'd had his shirt changed once.)
When I went to DI for the clothes, I had a choice of 18 mo or 3-4 yr sizes, both in coveralls and plaid shirts, so I went with the smaller set. Not sure that was the right decision, considering how much raffia hangs out from his sleeves. I might have to go back for something slightly larger. If I recall, the last ones were 2T.
I was working from the old body - the book with instructions having been stored in the attic - so I'm not sure I remembered to do everything right.

I finished this seasonally appropriate appliqued dishtowel the next day:
I had already stitched down all the pieces, I just needed to add the embroidery and buttons. (Note to self: when stitching with white or cream floss, use an extra strand - it's practically invisible otherwise.)
This comes as a kit, with buttons, and fabric pieces cut and ready to iron on. You add your own dishtowel (or whatever) and the thread/embroidery. I pick them up at local craft fairs.

Check that one off the list.

Looked around the sewing room for anything else in a "summer" sort of vein, but didn't see anything within arms reach (boy, that sounds incredibly lazy). Instead, I picked up this forever UFO Gingerbread Garland:
I'd sewn up the dolls and dressed the boys, but had yet to sew up the dresses or string them all together.

I managed, somehow, to get both dresses sewn up (in two sessions) and then wasted a bit of time looking for buttons to put on the straps at the back. I wanted them to be just so, but finally went with good enough.
Took me a few to figure out how I wanted to string them together, but I think this worked pretty well.
It may not be seasonally appropriate, but hey, it's out of the sewing room forever, so that's a good thing.

Still sorta feeling the funk. Hoping to break through soon.

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