Monday, August 22, 2011

All My Chickens, Week 30, Chicken Run-ner

I've been taking stock of the many assorted chicken related patterns, kits, and nearly-finished items that were already a part of my sewing room landscape when I started this challenge, and I've come to the conclusion that, as we're over half-way through our year of Chickens, I need to get serious about these.

One such project is Chicken Run-ner, by Lake View Primitives, which I bought as a kit from a local shop, (Corn Wagon, I think) and then, instead of starting to work on it, I would periodically get it out of the box, or off the shelf, and stroke the lovely felted wool while I thought about cutting out the pattern pieces.

A few weeks ago, while entertaining myself in the aforementioned fashion, I found I was truly ready to tackle this one. It took a few days to trace off all the pieces and cut them out, but now it's all ready to stitch together.

I am pretty sure this is going to take more than one week to put together, because it's all hand-stitching.* But that's not exactly out of the ordinary with this challenge.

*not to mention, I'm tyring to finish the Time Socks

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