Monday, September 19, 2011

Changes for Chickens

I've taken a quick inventory of my UFOs and come up with quite a number of chicken-related projects. I'll have to be putting more of those into rotation, even if they're years out of print or unavailable, because I've got to get them finished up.

I'm thinking now that I could have run this a little better. Maybe offering up an online freebie, something similar to whatever I'm doing, as an alternative for you when I had a (purchased) something at home that needed finishing? Or at the very least, a link to some general directions that relate to whatever craft genre I'm working in that week.

Or maybe I'm thinking about this the wrong way. Maybe I just need to provide the inspiration, do whatever it is I want to do, document my craft experience (hopefully in some way that isn't totally boring), and just leave it at that?

Anyway, you'll be seeing a lot more Chickens that I just need to finish up, as opposed to exciting new patterns I've found online. But I'll try to put in a few freebies whenever I can, too.

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