Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sort of a Barnyard Bird

I decided to try one in fabric first, and now I don't know if I need to try the knitted variety right away.

This Barnyard Bird was a simple as can be, and pretty much follows the same instruction as the knitted variety. Take a 5" square of fabric, fold it on the bias, into a triangle, and sew up the sides, leaving an opening to turn. Turn and stuff, then sew up the opening. Take a needle with a length of doubled thread, knot it into the point at the bottom of the chicken, and sew up through the middle of the back, pulling it up to desired shape, then back down to the point. Tie a knot to anchor it. The point will now be up inside the body, making a sort of base for the chick to sit on. Play with the "head" and/or "tail" and sew into place as desired with your needle and thread.

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