Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What do Roosters have for Tea?

I don't actually know. And probably don't want to know.
But I'm pretty sure they would use this cute tea-towel to help keep things tidy.
No clue where I got the kit, but the fabric pieces have been fused to the towel for years now, and it was high time I stitched them down and finished it off.

Stitched by machine, using the blind hem stitch on my Bernina, set to a super-short stitch length and a moderate width (around 2, usually) with ordinary black thread.

Legs stitched by hand, 3 strands black DMC (310) in a stem stitch. Eye bead stitched on by hand as well.

While I had the machine all loaded up and set for my favorite applique stitch, I finished off a couple more tea towels from the fused-but-not-stitched pile.
Frankie pattern from Acorn Hollow by Art to Heart
Halloween Trio from a kit purchased at local craft fair
Sure, I know it's only September, but if I'd waited until October, I'd probably have forgotten them again.

(I may have finally broken through my crafting funk!)

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