Friday, September 30, 2011

what a week!

Work sort of took over my life this week.
Hope you didn't feel too neglected.

I sewed a little on Henry. You'll have to take my word for that, because he's at home, and I'm not, and I don't have any pictures.

I knitted a little on the Lemon Drop socks.

And got a good start on Mission Impossible, the (not so very) plain black socks for Twin1.
I did a folded cuff on these, just because.

They're really not plain. Here's a closeup:
I think you can sorta see the cables there.

These are the sort of socks that require one to work in a well-lit area. As in, sit out in the bright sunshine, or near a window, because CFL lighting just isn't going to cut it.
But that's okay, because I love my boy. And these socks are going to look fabulous. In fact, I think Twin1 is going to love them.

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