Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm not here right now

Been away for a bit.
Spent the weekend in Seattle - which was gorgeous and lovely.
Did some knitting while in transit and in some spare moments, but can't really show you right now, because, while I did take pictures, I didn't bring a computer with me, and I'm a tad reluctant to try and upload using a public computer.

Am currently in San Diego for a work thing, which is exciting if you do what I do, but otherwise, probably not so much. Have enjoyed a little of the town, and much of the nice warm weather, but again, no pictures to prove it just yet.

Currently contemplating walking out of the hotel to seek for some excitement, even if my co-workers won't come along. That's just how I feel right now. I mean, if you were in SD, and had your evenings free, would you be sitting at a computer? Or would you be out on the town, stirring up trouble? I already worked today - that's what those classes were, earlier. Now, it's time to relax.

I wonder how far it is to Balboa Park....

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