Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finished Objects 2011

Autumn Drinks Doily (c)
2 pr PJ bottoms (s) (gifted)
Avocado Warm-up Scarf (k)
Drumstick Earrings (k)
9 prs fleece socks (s) (gifted)
Pence Jug for H (k)
Dead Fish Hat for N (k)
Spider Socks (k)
3 mini marble mazes
5 more marble mazes
3 Denim Humbug Bags (s)
Painted Halloween Trio
Barnyard Bird in Fabric (s)
Eggy (c)
Spring Chicken Tea Towel (a)
Mini Sock Monkey (s)
Silver Humbug Bag (s)
Beaded Spider
Pink Sock Monkey (s)
Simple Chicken (x)
Pumpkin Tea Towel (a)
Fall Wreath Tea Towel (a)
Square Chick (c)
Momma Chicken (c)
Halloween Trio Tea Towel (a)
Frankie Tea Towel (a)
Rooster Tea Towel (a)
Humbug Bag (s)
4 Marble Mazes (s)
Chicken Scratch Hearts towel
Time Striped Pence Jug (k)
Time Socks (k)
Brown Butterfly top (s)
Red Wool Tote (c)
Clucky (s)
4 Clucky baby chicks (s)
Blue Hen Chicken bluework
Rhode Island Red Chicken redwork
Socks for Twin2 (k)
Furrowed Iguana Socks (k)
3 sets paper Tangrams (gifted)
Second Pair test socks (k)
Papercut Rooster
Gingerbread Doll Garland (s)
Patriotic Dishtowel (a)
Rebuilt Scarecrow
Fab Fibers Tote (gifted)
Apple Brown Betty baby outfit (s)
kid-size Fleece Socks (s)
Patriotic Egg Critter
Green print polo shirt (s)
Pink Lemonade drinks doily (c)
Knit Maple Bar
3 more donuts (k)
Purple knit top (s)
Paper Box Chicken
Red & Brown knit top (s)
Patriotic Rooster Stitchery
Framed Chicken Print
Brown & Pink sash (s)
Nubby Weave Pants (s)
Rule Britannia Dress (s)
prototype knit tater tot
Wee Tree (k)
Cheeseburger & Tots (c)
4 mini Chick Chic bookmarks
6 Stuffed Eggies (s)
Framed Pumpkin Band Sampler (x)
Royally Sweet cowl (k)
Apricot Dream apron (s)
2 Sets Chick Chic bookmarks
Mini Bucket-bag treat box
Chicken patchwork table runner
Car Socks (k)
Fruit Salad Apron (s)
Honey Honey cowl (k)
Green Apples dishcloth (k)
Framed Chicken Patchwork
pastel Easter Egg (c) (gifted)
fall colors dishcloth (k) (gifted)
Ennui Blanc basic top (s)
Seed Packets of Frustration Shirt (s)
Tied With Ribbon cardi (c)
Hemstitched Baby Blanket (c)
Spring (Green) Chicken (k)
Deep Red faux-suede maxi-skirt & matching jacket (s)
Green Eggs sans Ham (c)
Harvest Gold Wide-Wale Corduroy Jumper (s)
Dalek in Buff (c) (for Twin1)
The TV! The TV! (k)
Beaded Chicken safety-pin pin
Charcoal Legwarmers (k)
Mermaid Welig gloves (k)
Baby Boy Blues Socks (k)
Teal & Chocolate Giraffe (s) (gifted)
Log Cabin Chicken Pin Cushion (s)
Loads of Love x-stitch mini-pillow
Pink Owlie Sleep Sack & Hat (k)
PJ Top for Twin2 (s)
Paisley Print knit top (s)
2 banana slices (c)
2 peanut butter triangles (c)
4 toast triangles (c)
Bantam Chicken (k)
Zombie pants (k)
2 tomato slices (c)
2 lettuce leaves (c)
3 strips of bacon (c)
Pear (c)
5 fish no longer blind (k)
Choc Sandwich Cookie (c)
Zombie Girl (c) in a dress (k)
Chauncey Yorick (k)
Tiger-in-your-tank Tail (k)
Alas Poor Yorick (c)
Teal Coral (c)
2 pr fleece armwarmers (s)
2 pr fleece socks for Twins (s)
1 pr flannel pj pants for brother (s)
Wooly Xmas Tree (c)
Weeeds! (k)
2 beaded bookmarks (1 gifted)
3 reusable shopping totes (s) (2 gifted)
Wee Whale in Purple (c)

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