Friday, February 3, 2012

recently accomplished

You may have noticed a few items added to my finished objects list for 2012. I've had a little extra time on my hands lately, so I've managed to get some stuff done, here and there.

Don't have pictures of the earrings...guess that was dumb. The cutest ones are the cupcakes. I'm gonna make more of those, though, and I'll be sure to get pics this time.

I do have a picture of the ever-so-soft Sweet Potato Cowl:
knitted over the course of just a weekend. Super-easy pattern, so it worked up fast. A bunch of the knitting was done while watching the new Mission Impossible movie. Until I ran out of yarn and found I didn't have the last ball with me. Bummer. Half an hour wasted just watching a movie. Except it was a great movie, so, you know. Believe me, this cowl did not require me looking at it to knit it, so it was perfect movie knitting.

Very nearly done with my latest socks, but somehow, again, the picture is not where I need it to be to upload it here. A little disorganized right now.

Also did not even take a picture of the diapee wipee case I made for a friend. Still in the car, though, so I have a chance, if I remember.

Well, that was lame. Next time, more pics. And perhaps a little more enthusiasm?

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