Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Do you ever get in a mood to just finish something? Like, somehow, no matter how many hours you've put in at work, or how many loads of laundry you've done at home, you just aren't feeling like you've done ANYTHING?

I get that way from time to time. And then I have to dig out some almost-finished objects, or a really quick project I know I can start and finish in less than a day, and just bust the thing out.

Last week, I managed to finish up not just one project, but two that were already started, and two more that I had in kit form.
(I feel so much better now!)

First, I finished these socks, which have been languishing in my unfinished stash ever since I realized I'd made the foot too long for myself.
Even after I'd had my sis try them on, and they fit her just fine, I still stalled on picking them back up. So glad to be done with them! (Serenity Sock in Amethyst)

Then, I picked up a half-knit play-food item, my Spudknit.
Frankly, it got a little boring in the middle bit, because for 20 rounds, you just knit. I managed to make myself stick with it, and I was finished with the second half in, oh, 20 minutes or so. (I hate when I do that - letting something sit that is so quick to finish.)
(Wool-Ease in Caramel)

After that, I looked around for something that I could get excited about, but also not take too much time, and I pulled out these two Halloween-themed mini-pillows.
Both are kits I bought at Pine Needles.

Stitched up the one with the least stitches first:

then moved on to this one:

I like both of them, but maybe not together. One is so bright, and the other is more subdued.

Impressed with me yet?

Going a bit further back, to the week before, I also managed to finish up the third pair of socks for Twin1, (Classic Socks from 2-at-a-time Socks)
black is impossible to photograph...
and a pair of my own socks that had been back-burnered for almost 2 years.
I love these socks! (Toe-up Jaywalkers, in Patons Kroy Socks Jacquard, Summer Moss)

I'm feeling tons more productive.
Might not last, but, at least I'm getting somewhere.


Marcy said...

I'm excited for the colder weather because it's almost cold enought that I can wear the fleece socks you made me last year!!!

jhall said...

Lately I feel like all my projects are too long and I'm never going to finish anything. You give me hope.

Whizzbobrox said...

Nice blog! I'm new to knitting and sometimes feel disheartened when I make a mistake in one of my projects, but seeing all of the nice things you knit inspires me to carry on.