Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving on no sleep = fun!

Wednesday I was up, all night, still moving sewing room out of living room, and generally tidying up. Did not go to bed at all. Most of the to-do list got done, and we had a GREAT Thanksgiving. I didn't even fall asleep until everyone had gone home! And I was in a good mood, maybe a little giddy, even. It was fun!
The living room went from this...

to this...

in that time.
yup, serious amount of work there. (these after pics were taken the day after Thanksgiving, which is why you see my knitting and such instead of the other tables and food)
I'm still working on it, too. The organizing, that is. And some cleaning, like scrubbing floors and such.
I spent the past week forcing myself not to walk outdoors or downstairs or upstairs without something in my hands that needed to go that direction. So now, it's becoming habit. My watchword for the past week? Determined. I was determined to conquer the sewing room/living room, and determined to be in a good mood, no matter what happened, no matter what stage the house was in when folks arrived for dinner. And it worked.
My right hand suffered some kind of injury from overwork, and now it's hard to knit or crochet. Ouch. But I put heat on it at night, use the stress balls often during the day, and wear my hand-eze gloves when I do my needlework. It's getting better.

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