Tuesday, December 1, 2009

more stuffing! (and some stuff I've made)

Found some more, this time downstairs under my desk. Why was it there? No clue. Except my basic disorganized organization/tuck-this-in-somewhere-out-of-sight technique. (In my defense, at the time, I think I didn't have a separate sewing room yet, so it had to go somewhere unusual, see?)
I don't really care how it came to be there, just that I have some, and can now Amigurumi again to my hearts content. That is, once my hand is back to normal. It's better - I finished one pair of slippers last night for a grand-niece - but it hurt like crazy when I was done. The slippers are mega cute (insert picture here...), of course. I'm just afraid they might be too small. I crochet a little tight. Sometimes.
Did I mention, I made the dang cutest little snail, was it on Sunday? I think so. Anyway, it's for my niece, and it's way adorable. From this pattern. I used this great yarn called Ticker Tape for the shell, and I think it's perfect. Too bad they don't make it anymore...

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