Monday, November 23, 2009

sewing room progress

I'm getting there. Slowly. The book shelf is in, books and mags organized. The yarn shelving and tons of yarn are in and organized, sort of. A lot of stuff is in. A lot of stuff is disorganized.

The loom is still in the living room. Still. (can I have a fiber room and a sewing room? please?)

And there are way too many boxes of scraps. I REFUSE to take up space in my sewing room to store those. I don't know exactly where they will end up (garage? attic? furnace room?), but NOT in my sewing room, where space is precious. Okay, then, why keep them? Sometimes you need a little something. So I'll sort through, and segregate what I think I'll actually use, some of which might get to come in the sewing room, in neatly organized bins, someday. Not now.

On a more positive note, I have a HUGE bag of yarn and a good-sized stack of fabric to give away. Now that's progress.

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