Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Last night, first thing when I got home, I cleaned the fridge. Sure, it needed doing, overall, and specifically because I've got Thanksgiving at my house, and we'll need lots of space in there this week. But, I should have moved the loom, continued putting away sewing stuff. Instead, I spent over an hour in the fridge. On the inside, it looks like new.
Then, I installed a shelf in the hallway, intended for puzzles. I happened to have some leftover shelving just the right length. The puzzles vacated a shelf in the basement slated to hold painting stuff, so that was necessary. But then I proceeded to hang the mirror, put up some vinyl signs, a little shelf with hooks, etc. The corner/end of the hall looks great. But again, avoidance.
Finally, around 9:30, I moved the loom. Finishing all that comes with that took until past midnight. And there is still so much more to remove from the living room and organize in the sewing room.
Why do I do it? But hey, the fridge is sparkling!

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