Tuesday, November 24, 2009

sewing temptations

It's all I can do to stay focused on organizing. All those projects seem to call out to me to work on them NOW.

I have a couple pairs of pajama pants that my brother would be tickled to get on Thanksgiving, and that would be two more things no longer in my sewing room. But I'd have to crawl over I don't even know what just to get to the machines. So I will discipline myself. I will organize first. And if I have time, when everything else is done, the pie baked, the tables set, the bathroom and kitchen cleaned, then I might let myself whip those out for him. Because that'd be more happy for both of us.

UPDATE: I didn't get time to sew them up until Friday. He came by running some errands, picking up things they forgot Thursday, and I surprised him by being almost done with them. He ran a few more errands, came back, and got to take them home. BAM. Two items no longer in my sewing room!

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