Friday, December 11, 2009

8 feet, or 10? I think 10.

The porch. Which will need, because I want it deep, not just an extension of the roof line, but an entire gable. Apparently, sort of a large one, a bit higher than the existing roof even. (Does that mean I'll have more space in the attic? or a separate space just over the porch?) So, okay. But now that we have an idea of the porch dimensions, and the necessary roofing for that, I guess I have to get back to the roofers and see how much more for that. I hadn't imagined anything that extensive, as far as building goes, and maybe the roofers didn't either, though I mentioned the porch to all of them. I bet they imagined just a skinny one, and only on one side. But, no, I want it across the entire front, and at least 8 feet deep. Probably 10. Because on the north end, the house bumps out a couple feet, and I don't want that end to be too skinny, either. I want to hang the hammock there, and it will need a minimum space of whatever it needs. I'm going to get it out and lay that on the snowy ground below where I imagine it will hang, and see just how much room. I suspect I'll need the 10-foot depth on the south end in order to have enough room on the north end.

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